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Kalmar Big Forklift

Kalmar Big Forklift

Handling and transporting cargo in ports have become more involved over the years, transferring various kinds of loads requiring constant pallet movement. There are lots of different kinds of cargo which travel through ports each day, thus, it takes a lot of different kinds of equipment to make the daily work in ports a possibility. Cargotec provides efficient productivity and exceptional maneuverability for general load handling and fantastic customer service.

There is always a requirement for regular forklifts for special cargo and general cargo. Cargotec provides various kinds of forklift trucks for every kind of use, capable of handling small and large loads, ranging from 5 tons to 52 tons. When it comes to heavy material handling, Cargotec provides the correct know-how and ability to meet the various requirements of their customers.

Cargotec's Kalmar products have become frequently used equipments within terminals and ports all around the globe. Their Medium and Light forklift trucks are ideal for superior handling because they are easy to utilize, simple to maneuver, versatile and can be modified to be able to meet your requirements.

From repair to maintenance to training; Kalmar provides a complete range of services. The companies machines provides extended life cycles which has enhanced the overall effectiveness of the cargo business for their customers. Moreover, for a lot of years, the company has developed many solutions for cargo terminals which make handling more sustainable overall and more cost efficient and more productive.

Strength and Flexibility
For medium and small sized container operations, reach stackers are an ideal choice. They are designed to handle trailers and containers. Additionally, these forklifts' strength and flexibility provides effective handling solutions in industrial environments.

Kalmar's reach stacker units consist of a wide variety of equipment which are built to meet the numerous demands of their clients. Like for example, there are purpose built standard equipment and then the top of the range machine counterparts. The objective of the company is to always supply machines that provide the greatest performance at the least operational cost possible throughout the equipment's lifetime.

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