Stock Number: EQC012157
Make: Tico
Model: ProSpotter
Year: 2018

Stock Number: EQU007523
Make: Ottawa
Model: 4x2
Year: 2011

Stock Number: EQU005976
Make: Hyster
Model: S50FT
Year: 2012

Stock Number: EQU004327
Make: CAT
Model: GC70K
Year: 2012

Stock Number: 2-18-UEF92
Make: Misc
Model: FORKS

Stock Number: 300620
Make: Tico
Model: ProSpotter
Year: 2016

Stock Number: 2-16-230415
Make: Terex-Comedil
Model: CTT331-16 TS23
Year: 2008

Stock Number: 2-16-268524
Make: Potain
Model: IGO T130
Year: 2012

Stock Number: 212534
Make: JLG
Model: 1932RS
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 2-16-230288
Make: Terex-Comedil
Model: CTT181/B-8 TS21
Year: 2007

Stock Number: EQU003886
Make: Hitachi
Model: ZX85USB-3
Year: 2013

Stock Number: EQC013321
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: FG25N
Year: 2014

Hyundai Propane Forklifts

Hyundai Propane Forklifts

Basic Kinds of Fuels Utilized for Forklifts
In industrial, construction and distribution settings, forklifts or powered lift trucks are commonly used to do numerous jobs. These heavy-duty equipment are intended to be tough and reliable so they are capable of moving heavy objects in all different types of conditions and environments. Forklifts could run on various types of fuels and therefore able to adapt to many different work environments.

Generating no emissions, the electric forklifts are very reliable and quiet. These units are powered by industrial-strength large batteries that are made to be able to be successfully recharged about 1500 times in their useful lifespan. Since electric forklifts create no exhaust fumes, it is usually the machinery of choice and necessity in places that have inadequate ventilation. These forklifts need a charging place anywhere on the premises which is equipped with an emergency acid spill kit and eyewash station due to the batteries. For safety reasons, the charging area needs to be ventilated well.

Liquid propane is a common power source for the modern lift truck. Propane offers various benefits over diesel and electric models. For instance, propane is usually cheaper compared to electricity. When the battery is being recharged, there is no need to remove the lift truck from service.

Additionally, compared to diesel powered models, propane units offer a much cleaner operation. In most instances, a propane forklift is refueled by simply changing out the propane tank which is empty with a new full one. Usually, an off-site supplier will re-fill the tanks. This guarantees an easy, safe and fast re-fueling procedure.

Gasoline and Diesel
Diesel and gasoline forklifts can require more maintenance and produce a smelly exhaust. They have relatively high fuel costs as well. Since they have a much longer and useful lifespan, they are quite dependable compared to propane or electric models. Re-fueling requires a fuel supply on site that conforms to strict health and safety codes. Diesel and gas models are mostly used in outdoor applications on rough terrain, such as in lumber yard environments or on construction sites.

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